/Why Stephen Curry (Not LeBron) Is the N.B.A. Player of the Decade

Why Stephen Curry (Not LeBron) Is the N.B.A. Player of the Decade

The New York Times is reflecting on the previous decade in the N.B.A., which has advanced maybe greater than another main sports activities league.

The selection for the N.B.A.’s participant of the decade got here down to simply two superstars — Stephen Curry and LeBron James.

After all, if it wasn’t Curry holding a championship trophy in recent times, the expectation was that it might be James as an alternative. Nine of the decade’s N.B.A. finals featured at the least one of them, and their groups claimed six of the championships. They gained half of the previous decade’s Most Valuable Player Awards. If one of them wasn’t on nationwide tv on a given night time, then the different one was. With the earlier technology’s greatest stars fading, they boldly staked their declare to the highlight.

But when it got here to selecting the participant of the decade, our writers’ selections have been fairly clear.

Kevin Draper

Sports business reporter

LeBron James was undoubtedly the best player of the decade, but Stephen Curry defined it. Writing about the 3-point revolution has become stale and trite, but Curry really did change the game. It was not all that long ago that shooting pull-up 3s, or shooting from more than a foot or two behind the arc, was verboten. But Curry and the Warriors redefined what needed to be defended, warping and breaking defensive schemes in the process.

Oh, and he also won three championships, two M.V.P.’s and led the Warriors to the best regular-season ever in 2015-16. Let’s not talk about what happened next.

Shauntel Lowe

N.B.A. editor

It feels weird not to pick LeBron James here, what with him being the best player in the world and all, but Stephen Curry was the defining player of this decade. No one changed basketball the way he did, and no one captivated the world as he did. Suddenly, here was a player for whom there was no such thing as a bad shot. That’s not true for anyone besides Curry. He’s the one.

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