/The Weekly | In Yoga, Blurry Lines Easily Crossed

The Weekly | In Yoga, Blurry Lines Easily Crossed

Producer Jamila Wignot

When sweaty, barely coated our bodies bend and twist in tight house in a yoga class, boundaries can get blurry. What one individual could take into account a well-intentioned hands-on adjustment to a yoga pose can appear inappropriate to another person. The mixture of bodily contact, spirituality and energy dynamics have made the up to date yoga studio an advanced place at a time when there’s heightened sensitivity round problems with consent.

On the most recent episode of “The Weekly,” we discover why a few of us are keen to associate with issues in a yoga studio that we would query outdoors of 1. And why many of those strategies have gone unexamined for thus lengthy.

Our reporter Katherine Rosman, an avid yogi herself, talks with girls who’ve accused Krishna Pattabhi Jois, the famend guru of Ashtanga yoga, of humping them, grinding in opposition to them and fingering them via their yoga pants below the guise of instruction.

Though Jois died in 2009, his affect within the yoga group stays. And the observe of hands-on changes in up to date yoga can create confusion between academics and college students — particularly when there hasn’t been a dialogue about consent.

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