/‘The Town Hall of Hollywood.’ Welcome to the Netflix Lobby.

‘The Town Hall of Hollywood.’ Welcome to the Netflix Lobby.

LOS ANGELES — Dolly Parton not too long ago held court docket there, massive wig and all. Leonardo DiCaprio and John Kerry arrived at the similar time final month. Cindy Crawford on the left, David Letterman on the proper. And isn’t that Beyoncé by the espresso bar?

Welcome to the hottest see-and-be-seen spot in Hollywood: Netflix’s first-floor ready room.

Scratch that. It’s a “lobby experience” and “creative gateway,” in accordance to a design agency that labored on the house. An 80-foot by 12-foot video display makes guests really feel like they’re inside Netflix exhibits — visiting the “Narcos” cocaine lab, as an illustration, or sitting on the Blue Cat Lodge boat dock from “Ozark.” Another wall is roofed by at the least three,500 crops, a dwelling mural that features pink Flamingo Lilies, identified for his or her massive pistils.

Every period in Hollywood has a symbolic epicenter, a spot that sums up every part, particularly energy and generally absurdity. Gifting suites at the Sundance Film Festival epitomized the overheated indie growth of the 2000s. The monolithic new Creative Artists Agency headquarters arrived on cue at the finish of that decade and represented an more and more company movie enterprise. Next got here Comic-Con International, a sweaty July conference for superhero devotees that marked a flip towards franchises and fan communities.

Netflix’s four,780-square-foot foyer is an icon of the Hollywood of as we speak, with its tech cash and shows of social justice and blurred strains between movie and tv. If you needed to make a film or sequence about Hollywood circa 2019 — an replace on “Entourage” or “The Player” or “Get Shorty” — you’d have to set a scene there.

Would you like something to drink while you wait? Help yourself to a chilled can of LaCroix, the trendy sparkling water. There is also a complimentary Starbucks-style coffee and tea bar; sweeteners include caramel syrup and organic blue agave honey. And a smorgasbord of snacks: bananas, Pop Chips, pistachios, peanut M&Ms, gummy candy, almonds, energy bars in seven varieties, Chex Mix.

Don’t worry about your breath. Netflix bathrooms feature mouthwash-dispensing machines and bins full of disposable “prepasted” toothbrushes. Mints and packs of Dentyne Ice (“60 Minute Fresh Breath”) are free for the taking near the espresso machines.

Netflix’s old space in Beverly Hills, leased in 2003 when the company was just a DVD-by-mail provider, was ordinary and cramped. Eight people could barely sit elbow to elbow in its waiting space. (Netflix’s corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley also has a ho-hum lobby.) In contrast, the arrival hall of the Icon Building, opened in 2017, can easily accommodate crowds. Netflix often uses the space for evening events; there is a 120-seat theater behind the plant wall.

The new lobby has multiple showpieces. Rows of Emmy and Oscar statuettes glisten in glass cabinets at its center. There is an installation involving 110 individually programmed video screens of different sizes (iPad, iPhone, laptop). But the pièce de résistance is the 80-foot video screen. Mr. Sarandos came up with the idea.

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