/Mamá to Madre? ‘Roma’ Subtitles in Spain Anger Alfonso Cuarón

Mamá to Madre? ‘Roma’ Subtitles in Spain Anger Alfonso Cuarón

If you complain to Netflix, the streaming big listens. At least it does for those who’re Alfonso Cuarón, the Golden Globe-winning director of “Roma.”

In the movie, set in Mexico City in the 1970s, the actors converse Mexican Spanish and the indigenous Mixtec language. For that Spanish, Netflix added subtitles in Castilian, Spain’s important dialect, for the discharge in that nation. On Wednesday, Netflix eliminated these Castilian subtitles after Cuarón advised El País, a Spanish newspaper, that they had been “parochial, ignorant and offensive to Spaniards themselves.”

Even generally understood phrases like “mamá,” for mom, had been translated (in that case to “madre”) as had been the phrases for “get angry” and “you.”

“Gansito,” the title of a Mexican chocolate snack, was maybe extra by chance modified to “ganchitos,” a cheese puff.

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