/How Airlines Are Catering to Their Smallest Customers: Children

How Airlines Are Catering to Their Smallest Customers: Children

Airlines are continuously attempting to discover new methods to win prospects. In this unending competitors, carriers — principally worldwide ones — are actually turning their consideration to their youngest passengers, wooing youngsters (and beleaguered mother and father) with new facilities reminiscent of toys, child-friendly toiletry kits, meals and amped up seat again leisure.

Paul Tumpowsky, a father of a toddler daughter and the co-founder and chief government of the New York journey company Skylark, stated that these new facilities go a good distance in preserving youngsters occupied on lengthy flights. “If children are happy, then parents are happy, and they associate the airline with a positive flying experience and are more likely to choose it for future trips,” he stated.

Emirates just lately launched a equipment that younger passengers obtain as quickly as they board. It comprises a travel-themed reusable bag or lunch field, a coloring e-book with markers and an arts and crafts undertaking reminiscent of an origami equipment. Older youngsters get an animal backpack with a journey journal, and infants and toddlers get a stuffed animal reminiscent of an elephant or alligator.

In addition, the airline has an expanded menu of kids’s in-flight meals together with hen tenders and varied sorts of pasta, served on a colourful tray. To hold them satiated between meals, youngsters get a snack field with a cookie and sliced fruit.

Qatar Airways also has a new activity pack for children with crayons, coloring pages, stickers and a puzzle book. Infants get a stuffed toy, along with a plush book. The airline has also introduced new seat back entertainment aimed at children. It includes more than two dozen family-friendly movies that change monthly, and children’s television such as The Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, the Cartoon Network and BabyTV.

Qantas also offers a kit with an activity book with puzzles and word games and even an Etch a Sketch toy. On select international flights, youngsters get colorful antiskid socks that they can wear onboard.

Turkish Airlines has several new onboard offerings for children. They receive a sack of three sustainably-made wooden figurines like pandas and soldiers, and a backpack amenity kit that includes a child-sized headset, a dental kit, socks and slippers. Parents with babies get a kit with a diaper changing mat, disposable bib, rash cream, baby lotion and shampoo, a packet of wipes and a breast pad.

On Singapore Airlines the cabin crew gives out toys to children based on their age. Babies, for example, receive plush blocks, while pre-school-age youngsters get mini puzzles, and older children get a Monopoly Deal card game. The airline plans to change the toys quarterly.

Young passengers also get to pick from a children’s menu with more than a dozen items, like a burger with fries, fish sticks with diced vegetables and pancakes with sausage.

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