/Harry’s cofounder Jeff Raider schedules personal time

Harry’s cofounder Jeff Raider schedules personal time

In the midst of working Harry’s, a razor firm, cofounder and co-CEO Jeff Raider schedules personal time in his calendar.

Harry’s was based in 2013 by Raider and co-CEO Andy Katz-Mayfield. The model has 5 million lively clients and has raised almost half a billion . In 2017, the corporate raised $112 million.

“When you have your own company, you realize that the work never stops,” he mentioned on an episode of Business Insider’s podcast “This Is Success.” “There’s always more you can do. There’s always more you can do to push the company forward. There’s always more that you can do to be more responsive to the team.”

He continued: “Work could just fill every second.”

So he turned to the calendar. “I started to schedule personal time, and realized that that’s really important, both for my own psyche and sort of an ability to do this in the long term, and for my family, ensuring that I can spend a lot of time with my kids, because it’s something that I want to do for the next 20 years,” he mentioned.

“In 20 years, my kids are going to be grown up,” he continued. “And so I need, then, to be able to have built in the time where I feel like I can, hopefully, be a good dad to them as I go through the journey.”

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When requested how he defines success in his life, Raider mentioned he considers his firm’s affect on the world, and his personal. “I think about impact in concentric circles,” he mentioned. For him, that first circle is his household. “How can I make sure that I’m being a good dad, and a good role model for my kids, and making my kids know that I love them, and that I’m there for them?” he continued.

Then, he considers the circles of mates, coworkers, clients, neighborhood, and the bigger world of enterprise.

“So there are lots of different layers of impact, and I try to positively influence all of them. And probably where I struggle most in my life is, like, where do you dial in these different things, because I tend to sort of like ideas, and like being around people,” Raider mentioned. “And sometimes, I can kind of get carried away in one direction or another, and have to kind of come back to that core equation.”

He added: “What I’ve had to learn in the last few years is, how do I then create the balance in my life to enable this job to be sustainable for me?”

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