/Elizabeth Warren Announces She Is Running for President in 2020

Elizabeth Warren Announces She Is Running for President in 2020

[How early do presidential campaigns begin? Earlier than it’s possible you’ll suppose.]

In an e-mail to supporters on New Year’s Eve — 13 months earlier than votes can be solid in Iowa — Ms. Warren stated she was forming an exploratory committee, which permits her to boost cash and fill workers positions earlier than a proper kickoff of her presidential bid.

On Monday afternoon outdoors her dwelling in Cambridge, Mass., flanked by her husband, Bruce H. Mann, a professor at Harvard Law School, and their golden retriever, Bailey, Ms. Warren leaned into her stinging criticisms of rich monetary pursuits as she ripped Mr. Trump and branded herself as a champion of the center class.

“The problem we’ve got right now in Washington is that it works great for those who’ve got money to buy influence, and I’m fighting against that,” Ms. Warren stated. “And you bet it’s going to make a lot of people unhappy. But at the end of the day, I don’t go to Washington to work for them.”

In her remarks earlier than a pack of cameras, Ms. Warren shrugged at a query about how she dealt with the discharge of her DNA take a look at, reiterating that she had “put it all out there” and other people might see the knowledge for themselves.

She additionally took a revealing warning shot on the rising subject of presidential hopefuls. “I don’t think we ought to be running campaigns that are funded by billionaires, whether it goes through super PACs or their own money that they’re spending,” she stated. “Democrats are the party of the people.”

Among grass-roots activists keen to focus on their message of a rigged financial system, there was specific pleasure video launched by Ms. Warren on Monday centered on points like earnings inequality and company greed. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee stated “Elizabeth Warren meets the moment,” and Waleed Shahid, a spokesman for the leftist group Justice Democrats, stated Ms. Warren’s “message of multiracial populism is exactly the right way to take on Trump’s divide-and-conquer agenda.”

In an interview set to air on Fox News Monday night time, Mr. Trump addressed Ms. Warren’s entrance into the race.

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